photographic exhibition

13 September – 08 October 2018
Opening: 13 of September, 7 pm with attendance of the curator Branislav Stepanek and artists

The exhibition shows, how the young and mid-career Slovak artists reflect on continuous integration of their home country into the broader cultural context of Europe, and thus help create (consciously or unconsciously) a shared European culture while retaining local, national specifics. Nine authors, expressing themselves via photographic portrait, understand it in a broader sense, crossing the canonical boundaries of the genre. They express their views in several sociological layers: portrait of a man and his soul, portrait of a family and relationships within it, portrait of collective historical memory, portrait of an ethnic group, and ultimately, portrait of a developing open civil society.

The exhibition comprises the following artists:

Jana Ilkova – works from the series Family Album I (2009-2017), Family Album II (od 2017)
Andrea Junekova – Not alone (2014-2017)
Simon Kliman – Beautiful People (2012)
Boris Nemeth – works from the series Slovakia I’m lovin’ it (2011), From a Life of a Country (2015) and Europe (2018)
Zuzana Pustaiova – Family Album (od 2013)
Silvia Saparova – Next Generation (2017)
Viktor Selestak – Beautiful Pictures (od 2015)
Juraj Starovecky – Guten Tag (2014)
Jaroslav Ziak – Heroes (2009-2014)


Concept: Vaclav Macek, Branislav Stepanek
Co-organizers: Central European House of Photography in Bratislava, PhotoSynthesis Art Center in Sofia, Bulgarian Academy of Photography, The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sofia
Executive manager: Nadezhda Pavlova

The exhibition will be held under the auspices of the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Sofia, His Excellency Mr. Manuel Korcek.

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